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The seventh Pittsburgh Richard Christie novel

A Measure of Blood

Now also available as an audiobook! (2017)

The major crimes commander collects his best detectives to investigate the murder of a woman, and the son she left behind. The police have just one clue—the man who killed Maggie Brown claims he was the boy's father. But is it true? The puzzle turns out to be very complex and culminates in a race to save the boy. A Measure of Blood is brimming with page-turning action, much of it on the road, some of it set in the theater department at the University of Pittsburgh where George is a professor.

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MysteriousPress.com/Open Road, paperback, January 2014, ISBN-13: 978-1480445604

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"Edgar-finalist George (THE ODDS and six other Richard Christie mysteries) successfully moves to period fiction with this evocative, historically themed whodunit...George offers complex and rewarding storytelling that pays tribute to not only the magnitude of the disastrous flood but also the resilience of Johnstown and its citizens."
   —Publishers Weekly (read the full review)

"Nobody in the cast gets much sleep, and neither will the reader, till it all concludes with a happy ending stippled with the kind of sadness that rarely comes out in genre fiction."

"...the story moves along rapidly...the suspense keeps building as the fate of the boy hangs in the balance."

"Christie's detectives are smart and refreshingly competent, without a glory hound in the bunch. A MEASURE OF BLOOD demonstrates that the manufactured intra-departmental conflict prevalent in most crime fiction isn't necessary to provide drama or suspense when the plot is compelling and the characters well drawn...A MEASURE OF BLOOD is an enjoyable police ride-along, with plenty of hometown flavor and characters worthy of investment."
   —Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (read the full review)

"In a series of seven novels, she's developed a remarkable cast of characters and uses all the nooks and crannies of Pittsburgh as scenery."
   —Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (read the full review)

"Kathleen George has crafted a heart-rending mystery or crime story that has the reader rooting for Matt and some other characters at every turn of the pages."
   —Crystal Book Reviews (read the full review)

"The novel is smartly told, with all characters realistic and believable. I could imagine reading about this in the newspaper, watching the events unfold on the television. It is a gripping tale."
   —Tiffy Fit's Reading Corner (read the full review)

"I read this book in two sittings, it kept me guessing from beginning to end! As any who dun it does, this book took some fantastic turns and when to a place that I couldn't predict and loved it!"
   —Kritters Ramblings (read the full review)


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