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Kathleen George lives in Pittsburgh where she is a professor of theatre and writing at the University of Pittsburgh. She is the author of the acclaimed novels TAKEN, FALLEN, AFTERIMAGE, THE ODDS (nominated for an Edgar(R) award for best novel by the Mystery Writers of America), HIDEOUT, SIMPLE, and A MEASURE OF BLOOD (2014). All seven of these titles are part of her procedural thrillers set in Pittsburgh. Also in 2014 the University of Pittsburgh Press released THE JOHNSTOWN GIRLS, her non-series novel about the Johnstown Flood, and in 2018 a novel about Lena Horne and jazz, The BLUES WALKED IN. Kathy is the editor of PITTSBURGH NOIR, a collection of short fiction, the author of her own short story collection THE MAN IN THE BUICK, and of scholarly theatrical books and articles.

She was married to writer Hilary Masters, who asked her out nearly thirty years ago because he figured she, a theatre director, would be interesting—he was tired of being around writers. On the first date, she told him she had begun writing (or more accurately had taken it up again, having said from the time she was seven that she wanted to be a writer).

He thought, "Oh, no, not another one." But it was too late. They had already hit it off. They managed twenty-seven happy years together, two of them in one household, shuffling around in sloppy clothes, coffee cups in hand, heading to paper, computer, typewriter.

Needless to say, she misses him terribly. And yet, of course, he is always with her.

"When I was eight, I took my accumulated miseries up to the attic," she wrote in "The Making of a Writer" "where I had discovered I could make an area, (a small stage set?) with table, chair, notebooks and pen, and suddenly my world seemed whole and good—a secret and a treasure." Click here for more.

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