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The fifth Pittsburgh Richard Christie novel

Hideout Now available in trade paperback

Jack and Ryan Rutter are riding wild in their red truck one May night. Ryan is crazy with booze and crack. Jack is trying to calm Ryan when Ryan hits and kills a young mother of two on Pittsburgh's North Side. The brothers flee north to Sugar Lake. It's still early in the season so nobody is in the summer homes except Addie Ward, a lively woman approaching her eighty-third birthday. She wants to nurture the garden she's already planted, to climb up and fix her roof, to paint her windowsills, to fill her freezer with the delicious foods she's always serving or giving away.

Detective Colleen Greer is the first on the scene of the young woman's death. She and Commander Richard Christie, along with Christie's favorite detectives Artie Dolan and John Potocki, must trace the Rutter boys from the slimmest of leads. Nobody knows where they've gone. Nobody knows Jack is searching out a memory of a time when he was happy as a boy and that Ryan, perpetually unsettled, forever angry, is not finished wreaking vengeance on the world.

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Minotaur Books, hardcover, August 2011, ISBN-13: 978-0312569136
Minotaur Books, trade paperback, June 2012, ISBN-13: 978-1250007490

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"An expert at handling investigative details and pacing, George makes readers care about the people who are about to confront each other. The inevitable violence hurts because it matters. Told in lean, efficient prose, this is a top-notch, emotionally satisfying police procedural."
   —Publishers Weekly (starred review) (read the full review)

"This outstanding police procedural brings the detectives ever closer with a tense and chilling buildup, in which amorality confronts old-fashioned ethics. Can anything positive emerge from this dilemma? VERDICT: Edgar®-nominated George's (The Odds) latest entry plays to her strength: psychological character study. Once again she explores what happens when kids are forced to make their own way in a complex world."
   —Library Journal (read the full review)

"A winning combination of nuanced character study and expertly plotted, nitty-gritty police procedural."

"A slow night in Pittsburgh turns deadly.
Amped up on crack, booze and weed, Ryan Rutter aims his truck at a woman walking through the park but badly miscalculates. Instead of just scaring her, he hits her head on, then at the urging of his passenger, his younger brother Jack, flees the scene, heading for a vacation cabin at Sugar Lake that their family rented for two weeks until Jensen, the owner, kicked them out for trashing it. The next day, Jack, the more temperate of the boys, finds work to get them food and gas money while Ryan, antsy, decides burglary is just the ticket and winds up with another death on his hands. Detective Colleen Greer catches the first case. With some unsought help from her supervisor Richard Christie, she begins making inquiries. When Jensen shows up at the cabin, Ryan waylays him and threatens him with the man's own hunting rifle. Worse yet, when Addie, the neighbor who offered Jack an odd job or two, comes by, Ryan jeopardizes her too. Greer, Christie and a plethora of competing law officers from neighboring districts eventually get leads on the boys, put out APBs and close in on them, but not before Ryan, unbeknownst to Jack, opens the gas stove jets to eliminate the pair of witnesses.
Cops getting territorial and sexually frisky (The Odds, 2009, etc.) play second string to Jack, who's caught up in trying to redeem his brother, and Addie, who makes a mean spaghetti sauce."
   —Kirkus Reviews

"...taut page-turner filled with unpredictable twists, memorable characters and a subtle exploration of class tensions."
   —Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (read the full review)

"Kathleen George's Hideout is deftly-written and keenly observed, with a compassionate eye for both the suffering of the innocent and the rigors of police work."
   —April Smith, author of the FBI Special Agent Ana Grey thrillers

"Kathleen George's Hideout is sharp, quick-paced, and thoroughly entertaining. Once again, George's characters come to life with all the complexities and complications of the world they live in. A smart and compelling read."
   —Gail Tsukiyama, author of The Street of a Thousand Blossoms and Dreaming Water

"Not only could I not put Hideout down, I can't stop thinking about it now that I'm done. Kathleen George is not only a crack mystery writer, she is a crack writer. Period. Exciting and elegant. What a combination."
   —Robert Olen Butler, Pulitzer prize winning author of A Good Scent from a Strange Mountain and Tabloid Dreams

"Hideout harkens back to Joseph Hayes's classic The Desperate Hours, taking the reader on a dark ride up Route 79."
   —Stewart O'Nan

"Hideout is exciting, suspenseful and gripping. Would make a terrific movie."
   —Joseph Wambaugh

"Hideout [is] a real tour de force—it transcends the genre of thriller, though it's thrilling."
   —Diane Johnson

"Hideout barrels like a locomotive. The fast-paced suspense pulls you along for the ride."
   —Kathy Reichs

"In Hideout, Kathleen George captures both the intricacy of police work and the incalculable velocity of a desperate crime. Her cops cover new territory, both in story and scope."
   —Theresa Schwegel


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