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A well-loved Pittsburgh doctor, Dan Ross, is shot in the parking lot of his Shadyside office one night. Commander Richard Christie investigating the crime has no witnesses and no ready theories about the perpetrator, but he promises Dan's wife Elizabeth, a therapist, that he will solve the murder. Elizabeth roams her empty house trying to get used to the fact that she is now alone. Her grief is deep, painful. She forces herself to go back to work. She urges her children to return to school. When a man moves in next door and works hard to get to know her, Elizabeth finds it easier to hand her grief over to him than to those she knows well. The neighbor, Frank Razzi, is mysterious and puzzling. Elizabeth is drawn to him.

Frank Razzi is a screenwriter turned college professor. He spends some of his time in Pittsburgh, but the rest of it in Athens, Ohio, where he befriends Bridget, a college-age student without money or contacts.

Meanwhile Christie is piecing together the doctor's past and a strange crime that happened when Dan Ross was a boy.

In this Hitchcockian novel, both Elizabeth and Bridget are in danger. In a way, deep down, each of them knows it.

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Dell paperback, June 2004, ISBN: 978-0440236641

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"George . . . writes with the kind of attention to detail that's rare in any genre. Using her stage background, she uses the interior language of her characters like a master psychologist, revealing the story in escalating layers of suspense."
   —Rege Behe, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

"A well-loved doctor is shot dead on a Pittsburgh street while returning late from work, and no one can fathom who did it or why. . . . part dirge for dysfunctional families. . . . Fallen startles, stings and gives fair value."
   —Eugen Weber, Los Angeles Times

"Fallen is a wonderfully personal sort of crime story. The clues are found in the personalities of the characters, all of them fully—and fairly—drawn. We're given a murder victim's widow trying to cope with the trauma, shabby family secrets that won't stay hidden, small details that tell so much. I love a story that grabs hold of you and won't let go."

"Fallen is an absolute page-turner, as well it should be. Let's get that out of the way. But what really lifts this beautifully written book above any limitations of genre is its depth of characterization. The people George brings to life on the page are among the most interesting, complex, and frightening I have encountered anywhere. Never has evil been so seductive, even understandable, and, gasp, almost forgivable. That's what finally makes this wonderful novel so scary in the end. Forgive me, Lord, for I have rooted for the Devil, & Kathy George made me do it."
   —Chuck Kinder, HONEYMOONERS

"[W]ell-written and well-plotted, with elegant language equal to that of mainstream literature and psychological profiles of each main character as gripping as Jonathan Kellerman's at his best—[Fallen] is not just a story but a study of grief, jealousy, deception and instinct."
   —Pohla Smith, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (read the full review)

Listed among the best books of 2004 by the Post-Gazette


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